A team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds is looking after the program for it's successful execution

Mr. Azam Farooq
Team Leader

His mission is to provide opportunities to the students by connecting them to the market through different government projects. He wants the youth of KPK to overcome the odds and become effective people within the society.

Fayyaz Ali Khan
Project Director

He has come up with the prodigious and effective initiative for the youth through which the ‘no job issue’ can be reduced within KPK. He believes that the Youth of KPK is a vital part of the society and the society can prosper through empowering the youth.

Dr. Awais Adnan
Focal Person

Having vast knowledge in computer systems and Information technology, Mr.Awais Adnan has an inspiring personality as he aims at building better lives of the students and unemployed youth with the help of IT. He is a visionary person who aims to develop exceptional leaders from amongst the youth so that they are able to stand on their own feet.

Abdul Ghaffar
Communication Manager

Ghaffar Khan, MBA from Jonkoping International Business School (JIBS), Sweden specializes in entrepreneurship and social media strategies. He is the communication manager of the program. And a very admired and known personality in the IMs Faculty. A very enthusiastic person whom a person can learn a lot from.

Misbah Faiz
Project Coordinator

Misbah always sets high aims in life and wants to help those around her in the best possible manner. She wants to empower the youth in order to build our Youth for the future. She is on a mission to bring positive change in our society through enhancing the youth capacity.

Adnan Amin Khan
Assistant Project Coordinator

Adnan Amin is an IT enthusiast, who helps individuals to build their foundation for the leadership journey. He has been fascinated by the impact of technology in our lives and wants to spread the knowledge regarding technology further.

Danish Tariq Qureshi
Database Administrator
Nahida Noor
Student Affairs Manager

Nahida Noor wants to make a difference in the society through her exceptionalmanagement skills. She is a dedicated person with the passion to contribute to thesociety in the best possible manner.

Bushra Rehman
Content Writer

Bushra Rehman is a passionate and motivated person with proven multitasking skills and ability to work efficiently on multiple projects within strict deadlines. She has adaptive range of writing styles, knowledge of best SEO practices and demonstrated ability to create quality content as per SEO requirements for better search engine performance.

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