Student Response to KP-YEP

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09 January 2017 |

After attending the training session in Peshawar (Batch 09), Akbar Wali Khan gives his feedback on KP-YEP as follows:

“ In Pakistan you need to be a highly qualified professional to get a good job and even these good degrees cannot help you earn a good living. Thanks to KP-YEP for imparting the knowledge and skills that changed my life altogether. From being a jobless graduate to a person who can now earn a living without holding any job is something I never imagined. At the start, I wondered if I will ever earn online by offering a service but this trial version has now become a permanent activity in my life and the best thing about this whole online work is that you can choose the work you enjoy the most. In this manner you will never get bored and at the same time your income will increase manifold. I earned $108 within 10 days of joining this program. The more effort you put into this work, the more you get in return. I strongly encourage everyone to join KP Youth Employment Program and get over the job worries once and for all. “