KP YEP - A Ray of Hope

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15 December 2016 |

KP YEP - A Ray of Hope

KP-YEP is the country’s pioneering Youth Employment Programs serving unemployed and underemployed youth of KP. This training could also be a source of income for disable individuals who face greatest barriers in their employment. This program is divided in 2 phases. The first phase covers 7 districts of KP (Peshawar, Mardan, D.I.Khan, Bannu, Abbottabad, Swat, and Kohat). The program has so far provided employment to various individuals in different districts and students have been able to become self dependent.

The scope of the training covers several modules, designed to enable youth to access jobs at different skill levels in the global online marketplace. Main focus of program is to master skills prominent in the IT industry by learning skills to monetize these in the freelancing marketplace.

Another unique feature of these trainings is the pilot training programs which demonstrates the viability of such programs in linking youth with global demand for labor. In addition, it was found that youth who were able to gain steady contracting opportunities would build teams to support the work program, thereby creating further employment opportunities.

This program is sponsored by KP Information Technology Board (ITB) with objective to increase Employment rate in KP. To learn more about KP-YEP or to access the online application KP-YEP, visit the Website. Those who are interested in training classes need to fill Online application form.

-Written By Bushra Rehman [Content Writer-KPYEP]