KP-YEP: Providing Employment to MBA Graduates

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19 January 2017 |

It is heart breaking to see the well educated and capable graduates of KP unemployed in the market. The graduates roam around for years but there are a lack of opportunities in the market. KPITB saw this and started the initiative of KP Youth Employment Program. This program enabled various graduates of KP to find online employment. One such graduate is Shayan Ali of DIKhan who could not find employment for 5 years after his graduation. KP-YEP helped Shayan Ali find online employment and get rid of the job worries.

Testimonial of Shayan Ali (DIKhan Batch 4) is as follows:

“ Everybody has got some kind of talent, one just has to find it in themselves. I was unemployed for 5 years after completing my MBA degree. I applied for KP-YEP program and got training from my teachers. Alhamdulillah within just 2 months I have started to earn a handsome amount of money. This program also enabled me to find my hidden talent which I was totally unaware of. My especial affection goes to the team of KP-YEP for providing me with this opportunity. “