Freelancing leads you to Entrepreneurship

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02 February 2017 |

Freelancing is becoming more and more in trend as time passes. Most of us believe that freelancing is something which leads you to become a successful entrepreneur. To some extent it is true because freelancing gets you more into handling things on your own; it makes you your own boss. You get more exposure towards acquiring leadership skills, which are essential when it comes to entrepreneurship but if we go deep inside this, these two are two different things going side by side.

As a freelancer, you need to work on your skills so you can become more popular in the particular area of your expertise. Here you get paid for what you do. Successful freelancer means you are the pro in your field and you can charge more (and being worth it).

But if we talk about Entrepreneur, they build a company or business; they don’t hire themselves but others to work for them. The company’s day to day activities are not dependent on them because it can prosper even without them.

So the gap is apparent if a freelancer is saying he ‘built this’ it means he fully owns it because he wrote it, designed it, painted it or captured it. On the other hand,if a businessman says he ‘built this’ it means he hired others, paid others to build it for him.

Although It’s Okay to switch hats, to have side plans, or to have two ‘jobs’ but on the other hand it is not possible to wear both hats at the same time; you can freelance your way in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Working as a freelancer is the best possible way to get to know about yourself, your services and it also helps in networking with professionals of your skills area, clients, and other freelancers. Also, it is a distinctive way of life that can offer you a big chunk of money and independence in a much more real and practical sense that isn’t achievable when working under someone else, or when someone else is working under you.

Less risk High return:

There are numerous correspondences in working as a freelancer and setting up your company that makes both opportunities striking such as:

•    flexible working hours

•    autonomy

•    sole accountability of financial assessment and budgeting

•    the longing to become well known as a Pro in your field.

The dissimilarity, however, is the risk involvement. If you are not confident on yourself and you are holding no experience, then this is the point where you should go for freelancing. Freelancing will also assist you in starting your career as an entrepreneur.

By this, you will get a real feel for your desired business, it will help you in getting experience and networking and this can also help you to analyze and re-evaluate your current field of interest thatis it still a viable and worthwhile option? If you initiate your entrepreneurial career in this way then you’re:

•    minimizing the risk/cost of starting up your own business

•    building networks

•    getting experienced

•    getting exposure for yourself, your services, your opponents, and your clients as well

Though this is just one side of considering freelancing, as the first step enroute to becoming an entrepreneur. It is obvious that freelancing can offset obligations and pressure associated with starting your own business. Indeed freelancing is a valid option in its right, not just a stepping stone.