Approaches To Win Better Clients

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11 January 2017 |

Freelancing is an opportunity where you can achieve your entrepreneurial dream. To be successful in your professional life it's more vital to rightfully place yourself, and one of the excessive tasks is to keep your long-term clients.

Like the famous saying, “it’s easier to sell existing customers than find new ones”.

In short, long-term clients are just better. Above all this approach appropriately fits into the world of freelancing. In a business spending, your time seeking for new clients will ultimately decrease your valuable hourly rate in the long run. There are some of the approaches you can use to win and retain clients for the long run.

1. Stop Thinking like a Freelancer

There is a common stereotype that freelancers outsource their work on minimal rates which sometimes affect the quality of work with negative impact on the trust level. To resolve this issue, you are supposed to position yourself as a deliberate professional. Always try to speak in your client’s terms and put their needs above your own. Instead of just sticking your thinking to projects, be dedicated and try to compose new recommendation on a regular basis. By doing this, customers will surely value your services and it will also keep you busier.

2. Identify Your Worth

There are no standard rules to access the value of freelancers. Although a rapid analysis on your concerned platform (e-g will give you clear idea to estimate your worth. You should ask yourself just one question “If I am a customer, what would I be eager to pay somebody with my expertise?” If you’re a web developer, then you might be expecting to command a superior rate than someone else doing data entry or writing. It will give you help in setting your rate as a freelancer. After establishing your market worth, it’s time to capture the market. Your goal is to create a long-term relationship with clients which will ultimately enhance the chances of winning more business.

 3. Basket Skills in Low-Risk Project

If you are facing hurdles in attracting clients for long term work, then it is the time to basket your expertise in less risky projects. Numerous freelancers start their career with short term fixed price projects. Typically these types of projects entail completion of specific tasks within specified time and with the pre-defined budget.

For example: IT experts can do reviews for system vulnerability, anyone having skills of Photoshop or graphic designing can design a new branding concept, and accountants may perform an audit.

In any of the following case, initial agreement is an excellent approach to illuminate your worth and sketch yourself into long term plan. 



 4. Request for Regular Meetings

Once a client approaches you with his or her problem, as a freelancer now it’s your duty to evaluate the circumstances and facilitate him in the best possible way. Ultimately when you resolve their problems, clients are happier to share their money with you.

Freelancers in their beginning make a lot of mistakes especially they avoid to get in touch with clients on a regular basis, as it helps in knowing the problems occurred with time. If you don’t understand their issues, then it is not possible for you to deliver them most likely solutions. Meetings on a weekly basis create a strong bond between client and freelancer as each meeting is the opportunity to renew the relationship between both the parties, it also helps you to get updates if any further challenges your customer faces.

After that meeting with the client, you should prepare an action plan by keeping in mind the meeting minutes you discussed. Show to the client that you comprehend the whole situation and suggest a way out. Make sure that you will move ahead by the projected way out except that client gives you the recommendation. Eventually, this allows both parties to understand the scenario and it will ultimately show your willingness and interest towards the task.