The main objective of KP Youth Employment Program is to empower and gainfully employ youth in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This project will specifically benefit around 40,000 unemployed and under-employed youth in the province by providing a range of basic, medium and high-level skills to avail online opportunities and link them globally via freelancing.

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One of the greatest gifts I have been blessed with is the KP- Youth Employment program. I lost my job in January 2016 and was greatly disheartened. It had been pretty difficult for me to find a new job. I saw the advertisement of KP-Youth Employment Program in Newspaper and therefore decided to join this program. I had never imagined that my life would take a turn within one month as I earned $225 within 3 weeks. The program has gifted me the freedom from fears of joblessness. Now I feel more empowered and motivated to reach to the top in my life.

Maria Rehman

KP Youth Employment came like a ray of hope into my life as it gave me a new life. Before joining KP-YEP I used to sell juice boxes and other similar items. I got to know regarding the program through my peers and thought of giving it a try. KPYEP has changed my life, as now I am not only able to support myself but my family as well. I greatly encourage all the youth of KPK to join this program, as it is a life changing opportunity. The trainers are well versed and it is absolutely a brilliant initiative by the KP government.

Salman Jillani

It won’t be wrong if I say that KP-YEP is the best platform for the youth of KPK. I have a vision of achieving something big in life with the help of my capabilities and skills. I never knew how to get started till I heard about KP-YEP. One of my trainers told me that “Sky is the limit” and I dedicated my time in order to achieve more in life. I earned more than $300 within two weeks and it is absolutely a massive achievement for me.

Seemab Gul

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