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In Pakistan you need to be a highly qualified professional to get a good job and even these good degrees cannot help you earn a good living. Thanks to KP-YEP for imparting the knowledge and skills that changed my life altogether. From being a jobless graduate to a person who can now earn a living without holding any job is something I never imagined.
Akbar Wali Khan (Peshawar, Batch 9)

I am a student of Final year, BS(CS) of KUST. I belong to a middle class family from Kohat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and YEP has been a turning point point in my life. My earnings started within a week of the start of the training session. This session has helped me enhance my skills further and has greatly motivated me.

Awais Khan (Kohat, Batch 3)

I belong from the village of Swabi and am currently studying at Swabi University. The trainers highly motivated me and due to their efforts I started to earn in the second week of my training session. I have earned $80 till now and YEP has given me hope of completing my PHD education as well. Thank you KP-YEP!

Syed Haider Ali Shah (Mardan , Batch 4)

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